Nails of the Week: Nov. 1 – 7

Hello all!
I’m going to start doing nails of the week again because it’s a way to motivate me to actually do them! Haha, that’s the hardest part, just sitting down and doing it. It’s so tedious and annoying but I absolutely cannot live without my nails painted!

nails of the week nov 1 - 7

So this week is all black with a pop of mint green! I may or may not wear this for the rest of my life! Haha :)

What’s on your nails?

Until next time…


My (Late) Halloween Makeup!

Hello all!

I know it’s the 2nd and everything but I still wanted to show you my Halloween makeup! I was so shocked at how good it turned out considering it was quite last minute!

I was a decayed school girl who was kidnapped by two partakers of the Purge ( my best friends ) :)

halloween makeup 2014

It was so cool the way it all came together, and I had such a good time doing the makeup! It was awesome finally getting to be sloppy, imperfect, and getting to mess around!

Until next time guys!


💖 10/28/14 : Makeup of the Day + NEW Makeup! 💖

Hi guys! How’s it hanging? This post is gonna show you my makeup from yesterday and what my mom bought me when she went shopping!

So this is what I wore to school yesterday. All the shadows are from the ELF Little Black Beauty Book, Warm Edition!
10 28 2014 makeup 10 28 2014 makeup 2

And I told my mom I needed a new mascara, so (like the best mom ever) she got me one, but it was a dual pack with a liner! And she got me remover since it’s waterproof. What an angel <3

new makeup 10 28 2014 mascara and liner
new makeup 10 28 2014 removernew makeup 10 28 2014

That’s all I’ve got for you guys! I’ll be back soon enough, I’m definitely gonna be posting MOTDs almost each day if anything.

Until next time…


New Makeup! YAY!

Hi guys! Sorry about that October challenge I was doing. To be honest with you I’m really bad at keeping up with those, and on top of that, school is taking up most of my freetime! Quite frankly, it just wasn’t a priority. But I’m gonna work on posting more for sure!

Anyways, my sister was in Columbia yesterday and she went to Marshalls and got me this! I was so stoked! I remember wanting one of these a few months ago! So rad, I can’t wait to use it!

elf 48 piece little black beauty book warm edition

Have any of you tried this? If so, how is it? How do you like it? If not, is it something that catches your eye? Also, if you have any requests, those I will do in the blink of an eye, so leave them below!

Until next time,


#SuperGorgeousBlog October Photo-A-Day Challenge // Day 4 & Mini Haul

Hey everybody!

Sorry I’m posting this so late, it totally escaped my mind! But I am back again with Day 4 of this challenge so let’s just jump in!

photo 1

Today was ‘inspired by nature,’ and indeed I was! It was a stunning day; the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I went to Walmart and got a gel liner and blush, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone (as terrible as that expression sounds) and do the challenge and show you guys what I got in my mini haul!

maybelline dream bouncy blush 50 plum wine photo 5

That’s all for today! See you guys tomorrow with day 5! :)

#SuperGorgeousBlog October Photo-A-Day Challenge // Days 1 + 2

Hello all!
This October I’m doing something a wee bit different. I’m going to be following a challenge all month long! Not only will this force me to find time to post, it will motivate me to try new things with my makeup! I’m so excited!

super gorgeous october

All of you can participate as well–I especially encourage my blogger friends! However, if you want to partake in this and you don’t have a blog, don’t sweat it! You can do it on Twitter, Instagram, etc. using the hashtag #SuperGorgeousBlog!

So for October 1st and 2nd, here’s my lipstick (and balm) and nails!


EOS medicated lip balm in Tangerine // NYX Butter Lipstick in Little Susie // Pure Ice nail polish in Scream

What was on your lips the 1st and on your nails the 2nd? I’ll see you tomorrow guys!


✿ Tribute to Isabel’s Cousin ✿

Hello all!
Today was wonderful, but it’s actually kinda morbid. One of my dearest friend had a cousin who committed suicide 6 years ago today, and her pain is essentially mine, so I feel it too. She told me her cousin’s favorite colors were purple, orange, green, and blue, so you can imagine what I did to do my honors.

tribute to isabel's cousin 2

I went in with (what I looked like) an orange in the crease, a mixture of a dark and lighter purple on the outer v, a vibrant blue in the center, and an equally radiant green on the inner corner. Then I wrapped it around my entire eye and when in with the same shades on the lower lash line. I got so many compliments! I know it’s way out there for the average person so I was a little nervous to how everyone would react. But they loved it! And today was such a great excuse to go big like this!

What do you guys think?(: